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Acrylics, Zero Dry-time Shellac, Gels, Linen Fiberglass Silk

Professional Pedicure

Professional Pedicure

  • Relax in our new very comfortable massage chair with jacuzzi foot tub while we cut, file, and shape your nails, push back and trim your cuticles, and buff your feet. Next enjoy a sugar scrub, followed by a massage with lotion. Top this off with a parrafin dip. Polish is applied for finishing touch. Your feet never felt so good! 


Professional Manicure

  • Your nails will be filed and shaped, then soaked in warm soapy water. We will push back and trim your cuticles. Then give your hands a wonderful sugar scrub followed by a relaxing hand massage with lotion. Your choice of polish for the finishing touch.
  • This is the nail salon for professional nail enhancements. All nail styles and materials will not work for everyone. We evaluate your individual needs to make a perfect fit with type of nails, length of nails, and nail materials that work for your individual lifestyle. We guarantee to find a product that works for you so that you will have fewer broken nails.
  • We do wraps including silk, linen and fiberglass, as well as acrylics and Gels.
  • Silk wraps are a fine china silk wrap, very thin nail, not as strong as others, but very natural looking.
  • Linen wraps are a linen opaque material which must always have color applied. Very strong and durable.
  • Fiberglass wraps are clear material for clear nails that are durable as well as flexible.
  • Acrylics and Gels are molded and shaped to your unique nail shapes.
  • Keep in mind that everyone has a different chemistry, so what will work on one person will not always work on someone else.  For that reason it might take a few tries of different nail products to find the right one for you.
  • We always consider your tastes as well as your lifestyle to fit you with the appropriate product that will last.
  • We carry OPI lacquer polish. We also carry CND  shellac that is guaranteed to last for 2 weeks.  We are a  CND shellac Check certified  salon.
    We were personally certified on January 31, 2012.



Joy's "Lookin' Good"
2197 Lake Tahoe Blvd #6
So Lake Tahoe, Ca 96150


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Joy's "Lookin' Good"

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